PNR Prime Realty

Welcome to PNR Prime Realty Limited! With 17 years of experience in real estate development, we are proud to be a trusted name in the industry, dedicated to creating properties that inspire and delight. Over the years, we have delivered more than 150 apartments, providing homes and investments that our clients cherish.

Our current projects reflect our commitment to diverse and quality developments. We are in the process of constructing an office building in Race Course, a plotted development, and an apartment complex in Rani Gardens. Each project is designed with careful attention to detail and the highest standards of excellence.

At PNR Prime Realty, we go beyond just constructing buildings; we undertake marketing, project management, and project-specific structured investments. This holistic approach allows us to deliver seamless, top-notch experiences to our clients.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the importance of quality, timely delivery, and clear communication throughout the development process. That's why we keep our clients informed at every stage and ensure transparency with no hidden or surprise costs.

When you choose PNR Prime Realty, you are not just buying a property—you are investing in a relationship built on trust, integrity, and customer-centric values. We strive to make the process of acquiring one of our developments straightforward and rewarding, leaving you with a property to cherish for years to come.

Our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients speaks for itself. As we look to the future, we are excited to expand our portfolio with more innovative projects and continue earning the loyalty and trust of our valued customers.

Thank you for considering PNR Prime Realty Limited as your partner in real estate. We look forward to welcoming you into our community of happy customers!

What we strive for

Our mission is to do everything in our power to deliver to the customer a developed real estate that they cherish from the moment they visit the project site to the moment they hand it to the next generation. We are committed to creating exceptional living spaces that stand the test of time, fostering lasting memories and enduring value for generations to come


Our vision is to be a brand synonymous with quality, timely delivery, and a customer’s delight. We aim to be recognized for our commitment to excellence and our professional approach, making us a joy to do business with. By prioritizing strong relationships and fostering growth, we strive to ensure happy returns for all our stakeholders and create lasting value in every project we undertake.